Featured Anthology April 2013

New Visions  – Classic Fairy Tales Retold

Edited by M. Elizabeth Gray – cover art by Kevin Wasden

The tales were just as she remembered, but with a twist in the path or a shaft of light thrown slantwise across the story, to make them new to her dazzled eyes.

The little girl realized that, like herself, the fairy tales she loved had grown up. And she loved them still.

22 stories  340 pages

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3 Random (Fantasy) Teasers

As the first day of spring is upon us, let’s celebrate like the Druids of old, retelling the old tales!   Here are three random teasers from the realm of fantasies and fairytales.

New Visions   -    Classic Fairytales Retold

The tales were just as she remembered, but with a twist in the path or a shaft of light thrown slantwise across the story, to make them new to her dazzled eyes…

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Foam on the Water  -  Mermaid Tales

Far out at sea the water is as blue as the bluest cornflower and as clear as the clearest crystal; but it is very deep, too deep for any cable to fathom… it is down there that the mermen live…

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Twisted Redux  -  Uniquely Crafted Tales

Each of these tales is loosely wrapped around the gem of an old story or tale. But each old tale has been polished, refined, or even reworked into a unique presentation designed to intrigue the reader…

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*linked note* Tales Retold shares the same cover and genre as New Visions


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New Fiction – Ten New Titles For March 2013

Here are a few authors’ notes on ten additions to the Anthology Builder reprint data-base of published stories…

   There Are Ways  (humor)  - Tim McDaniel

   An odd researcher joins the Animal Communications Lab team …his methods however…

First And Third  (science fiction) - Vaughan Stanger

   Joe works on Mars. He loves Maisie, even though she’s dead. He keeps her mind alive, downloaded …

The List  (suspense)  - Tim McDaniel

   The front door – that’s where they would come through.. the back door was blocked…

Take Me To St Roch’s  (suspense)  - Rayne Hall

   Jean disapproved of hitchhikers on principle, but this might be an emergency…

The Kol Effect  (sciene fiction)  - Brent Knowles

   A specialist in time travel attempts to help a wealthy tycoon…

Worshipping At The Feet Of Old Colossus           (science fiction)         - Therese Arkenberg

   At her feet they pray, confused, broken remnants; yearning to breathe air free of fallout…

La Migra  (science fiction)  - Bryan Thomas Schmidt

   Two Mexicans cross illegally into the U.S. to find the strangest Border Patrol Agents…

Rivalry On A Sky Course  (science fiction)  – Bryan Thomas Schmidt

   Perhaps next time Cadet Bordox will work with, instead of against, his team leader…

The Wounded House  (horror)  - Barbara A. Barnett

   I realized that it would be the first night I spent in the house since grandfather’s death...

MacBride With An A  (mainstream)  - Bruce Douglas Reeves

   Miss MacBride wanted to be a good teacher, but the kids in her classes…

–  –  –  –  —

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3 Random Teasers From Among The 1500

In February 2013 AnthologyBuilder reached 1,500 stories downloaded to the archive of authorized reprints. Some are by famous authors whose works reside in Project Gutenberg.  Most are stories by contemporary up-and-coming authors.

Here are three random teasers, beginning with “Blue Ink” science fiction by Nancy Fulda, the first uploaded story.  Then humor in “There Are Ways” by Tim McDaniel, the latest uploaded story. Lastly, from the middle of the archive is “Flesh Pot” a science fiction story by Tracie McBride.

Let’s peruse these reprints, all available for building your own anthology.   Click  story title to preview story.  Then  Click  author to see other stories, or scroll to bottom of story list to locate other anthologies containing one or more of their stories. Select several and BUILD  your own custom made anthology .  Or check out the AB library for available anthologies built by other visitors.

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     Blue Ink by  Nancy Fulda  (science fiction)

Jason’s parents use cloning to ensure his future well-being…

The nurse glanced at him and smiled. “Is this your first cloning?”

Jason nodded hesitantly and hung back behind his parents.

“He’s a little nervous,” his mother said apologetically.

“Well, that’s understandable,” the nurse replied, “although there’s no reason to be concerned. We use top of the line equipment here: the procedure is completely risk-free for the Original.” Her smile faded slightly as she turned and continued leading them down the hall…


     There Are Ways  by  Tim McDaniel  (humor)

A new researcher arrives at the Animal Communication Lab …

The door to the breakroom opened, and the man standing in the entrance slowly moved his head from one side to the other, apparently sweeping the room with a gaze, although his dark sunglasses made that hard to determine for sure. “Dr. Kram?” he eventually asked, his voice flat.

Jennifer scrambled out of the chair, tucking a bit of hair back behind an ear. “Yes! Hi! What can I do for you?”

“I’ve been sent here to see if my area of expertise can help you with your difficulty.” The man hefted a small briefcase.

“Oh, you’re the new guy!” Jennifer extended a hand, and the new guy took it, shook it twice in a quick, efficient motion, then released it. “Yes, I’m Jennifer Kram. Alex and Bill aren’t here right now, Dr., uh—“ She was keenly aware of the acrid smell of chimp pee on her clothes…


     Flesh Pot  by  Tracie McBride  (science fiction)

Dan thinks his drinking buddies have treated him to a night in an extra-terrestrial brothel. But something has become horribly lost in translation…

Dan felt two small metallic studs burrowed into each side of his skull. He probed the implants with his fingertips and yelped as he touched freshly pierced skin. A feminine voice sounded inside his head.

“I put them there so we can… talk. Now keep still. I have to peel you.”

Dan looked up. A blue-furred creature stood over him. He squealed and skittered backwards. The creature’s  face did not change expression, but he heard her giggle.

“Not your skin, silly! ” A sound like static filled his head as she struggled to find the right words, “Your… robes…”

-  -  -

*linked note*  Tracie McBride can also pack a lot into a story of very few words

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Featured Writers AnthologyBuilder January 2013

   Merrie Haskell
Merrie Haskell works in a large academic research library by day and writes by night. She lives in Michigan with her husband, stepdaughter, and 47 pounds of cats. Her fiction has appeared in Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, Unplugged: The Year’s Best Online Fiction, as well as several AB anthologies. Her first novel, entitled The Princess Curse was published in Sept 2011.
   Erin ORiordan
Erin ORiordan lives in the Midwest U.S.A., where she writes the Pagan Spirits series. Book 1, Beltane, is available from Eternal Press. Book 2, Midsummer Night, is from eXcessica Publishing. Some of her work appears in AB anthologies.
   Derryl Murphy
Derryl Murphy is a Canadian author whose work has appeared in a wide variety of magazines and anthologies, including several in the AB library. His collection Wasps at the Speed of Sound was released in 2005.  Cast a Cold Eye, is a standalone novella from PS,  co-written with William Shunn.
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-Anthologies may be built to include any stories in the data-base from contemporary short-story writers, as well as classic authors such as Twain, London, Kipling, and Crane, among others.
*linked Note* Rudyard Kipling entitled both an epic poem and a haunting short story The Lost Legion
Originally published at AnthologyBuilder.com.

3 Random Teasers – Classics for the New Year

Have you resolved to read more during this year?  Here is a good start! The stories you want, the authors you love.  In the AnthologyBuilder database, Classics are public domain stories, many of which have come from Project Gutenberg. A share of the proceeds from the anthologies containing these stories is donated back to the project. Several editors have chosen classics to include in their compiled anthologies. Here are but three to pique your interest.

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- The year 2072, almost sixty years after the Red Death decimated the human population of earth…

….for a few seconds this mutual scrutinizing went on; then, the bear betraying a growing irritability, the boy, with a movement of his head, indicated that the old man must step aside from the trail and go down the embankment. The boy followed, going backward, still holding the bow taut and ready. They waited till a crashing among the bushes from the opposite side of the embankment told them the bear had gone on. The boy grinned as he led back to the trail.

“A big un, Granser,” he chuckled.

The old man shook his head.

“They get thicker every day,” he complained in a thin, undependable falsetto. “Who’d have thought I’d live to see the time when a man would be afraid of his life on the way to the Cliff House. When I was a boy, Edwin, men and women and little babies used to come out here from San Francisco by tens of thousands on a nice day. And there weren’t any bears then. No sir….

from ‘The Scarlet Plague’  by Jack London      Anthology link


- Based on a real incident, the account of a war correspondent who jumps into a skirmish …

… Perkins could see men moving on shore near the charred ruins of a village. Perkins was deeply moved; here already was more war than he had ever known in Minnesota. Presently he, clothed in the essential garments of a war-correspondent, was rowed to the sandy beach. Marines in yellow linen were handling an ammunition supply. They paid no attention to the visitor, being morose from the inconveniences of two days and nights of fighting. Perkins toiled up the zigzag path to the top of the hill, and looked with eager eyes at the trenches, the field-pieces, the funny little Colts, the flag, the grim marines lying wearily on their arms. And still more, he looked through the clear air over 1,000 yards of mysterious woods from which emanated at inopportune times repeated flocks of Mauser bullets…

from ‘The Lone Charge of William B. Perkins’  by Stephen Crane    Anthology link


- I followed an ostensibly lame turkey over a considerable part of the United States one morning…

… When a mamma-turkey answers an invitation and finds she has made a mistake in accepting it, she does as the mamma-partridge does—remembers a previous engagement—and goes limping and scrambling away, pretending to be very lame; and at the same time she is saying to her not-visible children, “Lie low, keep still, don’t expose yourselves; I shall be back as soon as I have beguiled this shabby swindler out of the country.”

When a person is ignorant and confiding, this immoral device can have tiresome results – I followed an ostensibly lame turkey over a considerable part of the United States one morning, because I believed in her and could not think she would deceive a mere boy, and one who was trusting her and considering her honest…

 from  ’Hunting the Deceitful Turkey’    by   Mark  Twain            Anthology link 

linked note – have you reviewed the previous teaser?

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Featured Writer for December 2012

James Fox has been published in Scouting Magazine, Pure Inspiration Magazine and the Thin Threads anthology “More Real Stories of Life Changing Moments.” A dozen of his short-short stories have appeared in various publications such as The Front Porch periodical and Art & Prose. Several of his published stories appear in various AB anthologies.
Usually writing in the creative non-fiction genre (see ”Drive-in Banshees” found in Soldier’s Song), James has recently delved into writing fiction such as the delightful “Sergeant Gus and the Day of Joy(in Joy’s Galaxy of Fun and Soldier’s Song) and the heart-warming “The Hidden Trail” (found in Camp Staff Escalator). He writes from Lodi, California.
Originally published at AnthologyBuilder.com.

Teaser for ‘An Eclectic Ten From Twelve’

Ten stories selected from the over thirty Fall 2012 submissions to the AnthologyBuilder short story data base.

An Eclectic Ten From Twelve

These are stories written in several genre categories; mainstream humor, fantasy, alternate history, science fiction, dark fantasy and horror.

An eclectic collection which includes the 2011 Hugo Award science fiction story “For Want Of A Nail” by Mary Robinette Kowal.

Enjoy  – foxtale

*linked note* No Pug Intended was written by a teen-aged author. There’s hope yet for our craft!

Originally published at AnthologyBuilder.com.

Thumbnail Sketch of 6 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas

Need a stocking-stuffer for this Christmas? Selections of short stories in paperback are ideal for commuters on mass transit, students, retirees and people on coffee breaks, in my opinion.  For less than $15 at Anthology Builder you can select stories from their data base of reprints (including many classics) to build a gift anthology, or order anthologies already built by others.    – foxtale

Click anthology title to open, click chapter titles to preview stories.

For soldiers and their families, I recommend Soldier’s Song, a collection of stories written not by soldiers but by those that follow the soldiers; the families back at home and the correspondents, such as Jack London, Stephen Crane and Rudyard Kipling.

And the genus Homo is just precisely what he is—a highly intelligent animal with an amazing spiritual endowment that, on occasion, individually and collectively, functions in violent and destructive ways. War must be dreadfully human, else why did all those well-cultured, ethically trained men in the smoking room and observation car talk the way they did… delighting in war fever… – excerpt from Jack London’s Red Game Of War -

Recall your Summer Camp days and nights and the stories, legends and pranks? The Camp Staff Escalator is a good choice as the stories are arranged in a virtual tour of camp, to reflect the various programs, trials and tribulations staff and campers alike experience.

As our wagon, heavily loaded with tents and camp materials, approached the herd they all threw up their heads and “rolled” up their tails, then with a deep vibrating bellowing let us know in no unmistakable manner that we were trespassers on their domain… – excerpt from Dan Beard’s Charged By A Herd Of Buffalo -

Eclectic vampire stories may be your passion, so From The Shadows would be a good selection as it includes the Bram Stoker short story which introduced the genre more than a century ago.

“Mrs. Romanek, Valeria Romanek?” The man at the door waved a badge. “Leo Martinez, L. A. Unified Child and Welfare Attendance Counselor. That’s a newfangled way of saying, ‘truant officer.’ I’m investigating an anonymous tip that you have two children who are not currently enrolled in school. May I come in?”

This was really too bizarre, Valeria thought, a human asking permission to cross her threshold! But refusing entry would not change the fact that the authorities had become aware of her and her children… not that they knew she was a vampire… Valeria blurted out, “I teach them everything they need to know.”

“Home schooling, eh? You’re a certified teacher?” Martinez countered.

“Not exactly—” Valeria fought back a wry smile…     – excerpt from Survival Skills -

That monthly collection of short-short stories which used to arrive in print magazines might have brought a smile or sigh or warmed your heart.  Then the anthology Before Kindle would be your cup of tea; a baker’s dozen of stories from the print world.

The caped hero’s voice crackled over the phone, “Well, I’m currently trapped in one of Dr. Nefario’s death traps… ”   

Startled, the psychiatrist held the phone closer and asked his client, “Really? Are you safe?”

“Well, you know, Doc, safe is a relative thing in my profession, but I have you on the headset, and I’m picking the lock on these handcuffs as we’re talking. I think I’ll be fine, the piranhas are still 5 or 6 feet below me…”  – excerpt from The Death Trap Of Doctor Nefario -

Spoofs, puns and imaginative stories might be your forte’ so select Joy’s Galaxy of Fun for 16 quick read stories.

What would the new species think of Labyrinth! Brawls threatening to mix atmospheres, cowardly progeny, toxic drinks too near the airlocks.

“I have provided a safe, friendly place for species to make contact, negotiate trade, and solve mutual problems,” she nearly screamed at her negligent son. “And you jeopardize it all.”

The monitor in her spectacles showed her offspring wading into the midst of the brawl. His smooth skin, a legacy from Ab’nere’s Labyrinthine ancestry, protected him from scrapes and bruises better than the thin membranes of the ammonia breathers… -excerpt from First Contact Cafe -

A sampler of submitted stories is available in An Eclectic Ten From Twelve at AnthologyBuilder; 10 stories from among over 30 submitted for Fall 2012.

Swarthy Zub was a simple fur trader who would barter tree-limb clubs and flint-pointed spears for fur pelts which he worked up into garments for the cave people. With bemusement, Zub often found that he was trading his finished garments for the very clubs and spears he’d exchanged earlier in the year. His old friend, Not-tall Zuk, liked to expound on this phenomenon, which he called “a balanced budget,” but Zub usually just smiled and shrugged and kept on scraping hides, for he wasn’t much into politics or civics lessons… – excerpt from Zuk And Zub, A Fable For Our Time -

For the holidays, select an anthology for your family and friends, or treat yourself!


*linked note* Bram Stoker had to publish a chapter of his novel Dracula to convince his publisher people would read it!

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Temporary Hiatus

Hi folks, Nancy here. I’ve decided to temporarily close submissions until we work through our backlog. It’s just not fair to make authors wait months and months for a response.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that the long wait times are entirely my own fault. My assistants — Stephen Cashmore, Jim Fox, and until recently Linda Davis — have been wonderful and have served above and beyond the call of duty. I’m very, very grateful for everything they’ve done and that they continue to do.

When we’re ready to re-open, I’ll post here.

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